in|vi|ta|tion [ˌınvıˈteıʃən] n
a written or spoken request to someone, inviting them to go somewhere or do something
Shortly afterwards, Dawson received an invitation to speak at a scientific conference.
She accepted his invitation to join him for lunch.
invitation to
Roger never turns down an invitation to dinner.
I extend an invitation to the minister to visit this area.
We've got a standing invitation . Maybe we should go tonight.
2.) [U]
the act of being invited or of inviting someone to go somewhere or do something
by invitation
Attendance at the seminars is by invitation only (=only those people who have been invited can attend) .
They were always dropping by, usually without invitation.
at sb's invitation/at the invitation of sb
Kegl traveled to Nicaragua at the invitation of the education minister.
a card inviting someone to attend a party, wedding etc
party/wedding invitation
We sent out more than 300 wedding invitations.
invitation to
Did you get an invitation to Jason's party?
4.) [singular, U]
encouragement to do something
take sth as an invitation to do sth
He seemed to take my silence as an invitation to talk.
5.) be an open invitation for/to sb
to make it very easy for someone to rob you or harm you
Leaving the car unlocked is just an open invitation to thieves.
COLLOCATES for sense 1
invitation to do something
receive/get an invitation
accept an invitation (=say yes)
refuse/turn down/decline an invitation (=say no)
issue/extend an invitation formal (=invite someone)
open/standing invitation (=an invitation to do something at any time you like)
dinner/lunch invitation
formal invitation

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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